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Decorating with Lacquered Boxes

I love accessorizing our home!!!  Once the paint color is on the walls, window treatments are up and the larger pieces are in the room, it's time for me to have fun with the room.  Think of it as adding jewelry to the room...  It's what brings a room together and a great way to add interest to a room.
One of my favorite items to use to decorate are lacquered boxes.  They come in a ton of varieties and styles and they look gorgeous stacked with books, vases and other interesting items.  They can be used to dress a bare table, fill an empty spot or to brighten up a room. And these days, they can be found everywhere. 
Here are a few of my favorites from Pinterest and my own home.   Always keep your eyes open.  Who knows when you will come across that unique piece that will help you finish your room?

Thank you for stopping by and Happy decorating!!!


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